Hi! I'm Erin, an artist living in beautiful Edmonds, 

Washington along with with my wonderful husband,
two adorable children, and a lovable pup. I was born and raised in Northern Minnesota and graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Marketing.

In short, I’m a jeweler turned watercolor artist. For those of you who want the whole story, see "HISTORY" below for more.

Playing with color whether with paint or gemstones is one of my greatest joys. It allows me time to revel in the beauty that nature presents us with. My inspiration whether designing jewelry or painting, is the staggering array of colors and textures that nature offers. Whether it's the incredible hues of gemstones (THAT ARE PULLED FROM THE EARTH! …it never ceases to amaze me…), or flowers in every imaginable shape and shade, I'm in constant awe of the beauty gifted to us by nature. My hope is that my paintings will convey this beauty and joy and find a special place in your home.


I launched Erin Jane Designs in 2006 and spent 16 years designing, creating and loving jewelry, metal, gemstones, metalsmith techniques, and the wild and wonderful world of running a one-woman business. Each piece of jewelry I made was a little piece of art and over the years. I lovingly handcrafted thousands of pieces. 

The decision to step back from jewelry making was slow and difficult. Between becoming a mother, the huge changes going on in the industry, and other life circumstances, my passion for jewelry waned. My options to keep my business sustainable didn’t feel right, but I had invested so much time, effort, and love. Jewelry had been everything to me and I didn’t know how to let go.

During this difficult transition, I found watercolor. Color has always been a passion and flowers, always an obsession. I was full of excitement and joy learning everything I could about watercolor techniques, pigments, brushes, paper… I studied it all and my studio transformed. I knew this feeling. It was same obsession I had when I first started making jewelry. Something very special was unfolding.

I decided to make a big change, and focus Erin Jane Designs completely on my artwork. So here I am, sharing my story - the old and the new - with you.

The incredible community that grew with Erin Jane Designs continues to inspire me. My customers, who are treasured partners, built a supportive and generous network that amazes me daily. To think there are members of this community that have stayed with me through all the changes and still support my work is truly an honor. I’m so grateful for you.

Thank you for being here with me in this new chapter filled with art, inspiration, color and FLOWERS!