I am a jewelry designer working and living just north of Seattle, Washington with my husband, 2 children and dog.  I was born and raised in Northern Minnesota and spent my college years in Colorado, graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in Marketing.

Erin Jane Designs was born in 2006. Since then I haven’t stopped learning and loving jewelry, metal, gemstones, metalsmith techniques, photography and all the other craziness that comes with running a one (super) woman business.

Each piece of jewelry I make is a little piece of art. While I’m forming, cutting, sawing, sanding, soldering, polishing and stone setting I’m thinking about who this little art piece is going to belong to.  I think about who’s neck, ear, finger or wrist it will light up and who’s day it might make.

The designs I create are always some wonderful combination of feminine, simple, fresh, modern, colorful and delicate.

My designs focus on natural gemstones and recycled precious metals. I purchase metal from metal refineries who offer only 100% recycled precious metals. Gemstones and diamonds are such precious natural resources and the stones that I so carefully choose are ethically sourced with worker's rights and the environment as priorities for both me and my vendors.